Dance Wear is required for all classes. Students must wear comfortable form-fitting dance attire to display proper body alignment and allow for easy movement. No baggy t-shirts, baggy shorts, blue jeans, no jewelry or other inappropriate attire will be allowed. Hair should always be securely pulled away from the face.


  • TINY TOTS- Comfortable attire, sneakers or bare feet. 

  • ELITE TOTS/KINDERDANCE- Leotard, tights, skirts, dancewear, pink leather ballet shoes and black ribbon tie tap shoes. Boys black ballet shoes and black tie tap shoes. 

  • KINDERCOMBO- Tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. A hip-hop shoe will be selected for class as part of recital costume. 

  • ELITE COMBO- Same as Elite Tots and Kinderdance. 

  • BALLET - Leotard, tights, skirts, wraps, shorts over tights or tutus are allowed but we must always be able to see the knees and ankles.  Pink canvas ballet shoes, NO DANCE PANTS PLEASE!

  • JAZZ - Any type of form-fitting appropriate dance wear such as jazz pants, shorts, leotards, sports bras or form-fitting t-shirt and black jazz gore shoes.

  • TAP - Same attire as jazz with lace up black tap shoes.  

  • LYRICAL - Form-fitting, comfortable attire and for beginner and intermediate tan gore shoes and for advanced dance turners.

  • HIP-HOP/KinderCombo - Tennis shoes and comfortable clothing.  A hip-hop shoe will be selected for class as part of recital costume.

  • ACRO – Comfortable attire, no baggy clothes, bare feet.




                               *It is always recommended to put your name in dance shoes*