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Elite Dance Center is doing everything in our power to protect our students/families, staff and community from the spread of Covid-19 in the studio. To this extent, we will continue to follow the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and local health department guidelines.  We will continue to be mindful of social distancing in order to limit the exposure to all individuals.


We ask that if you are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or a temperature of 100.1 or higher, that you stay home. We reserve the right to check temperatures upon arrival.


At this moment, classes will continue to be drop off only as we are still battling Covid-19. This is done in order to keep the number of individuals in the studio at a minimum and have less exposure for dancers. Dancers will be dropped of at the back door and released at the front door to avoid classes crossing paths. Dancers 3 and under are an exception if they need one parent (in a mask) to walk them in. (Once they are settled/or become comfortable we ask that you follow the same protocol above). Please do not drop dancer off before the designated time. It is also required of everyone to sanitize their hands as they enter the building and to practice proper hand washing when using the bathroom. Dancers will also sanitize upon release.


If possible, younger dancers can be dropped already in their dance shoes.


We ask that no food be brought into the studio, water only.


The studio and any materials used during class such as ballet barres, mats and stretching materials, will be cleaned and disinfected after each individual use with hospital grade disinfectant, EnvirOx and SDVO. EnvirOx is a green sanitizer and virucide that is safer and healthier than traditional cleaning products. SDVO is a non-toxic disinfectant proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria. Areas and surfaces such as the bathroom, cubbies and door handles that are touched will be cleaned and disinfected in between each class as well.  The dance floor is cleaned and disinfectant at the end of each night.

An Envirox Cleaning System has been installed which provides Sanitizing and Virucide cleaning and disinfecting. 

Windows that are able to open will be open weather permitting.


Screen doors have been installed in entryways to both studios to create more airflow, to maintain safety and to keep the bugs out. The will be open as long as weather permits as well.


There are air purifiers in Studio A and Studio B.


Every 3 months the studio the studio is professionally cleaned, disinfected and sprayed with SD 90, an invisible barrier that inhibits bacteria growth for up to 90 days.

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