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Class Descriptions

Tiny Tots- A 45-minute creative movement class for 2-3 year olds.  Tiny Tots is a perfect introduction to early dance movements through educational exercises.  Class will promote spatial awareness and good listening skills.  Will introduce beginner ballet and acrobatic skills. 


Elite Tots- This is a 45 minute class for 2 ½-4 year olds and is designed to introduce coordination, balance and rhythm through song and simple dance movements.  Class is geared toward young first-timers and will introduce ballet, tap and acrobatics. Toddler must be starting potty training (dry diaper) or potty trained.

Tumbling Tots- Have a little one who loves to flip around? This class is for 4/5 year olds and gives them a safe place to do so while learning proper technique and new skills. Will introduce all beginner level tumbling skills and challenge each child to their potential.  


Kinderdance- What to do with your preschooler’s energy? This class is a continuation from Elite Tots or for the 4-5 year old that is interested in dance.  Class is an hour to help build on listening skills, improve motor skills and self-expression. Class includes introducing more ballet, technique, tap and acrobatics. 

Kinderdance 2- A class moving forward from Kinderdance or for 5/6 year olds. An hour class that introduces the barre for ballet and designed to introduce more technique and terms to your little dancer. Class includes tap and acro as well. 


KinderCombo- An acro and hip-hop combo class for 4/5 year olds. Class works on tumbling skills and teaches introductory hip hop moves and finishes with a fun combination. 

Cheer/Dance- An upbeat class that teaches tumbling skills while working the fundamentals of cheer such as motions, kicks and jumps. Each class also finishes with a fun pop dance.

Ballet- Ballet is the foundation for any dance discipline. This class is designed to instill grace and precision while implementing proper terms, technical steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns. Class will include stretch, barre work, adagio, across the floor... 


Tap- Do you ever notice your feet tapping to the beat?  Maybe tap is for you!  At Elite Dance Center you will have a fun and upbeat class to help understand the rhythms of your tap shoes and to develop musicality.   


Jazz- Jazz is a fun style of dancing that’s suitable for all ages.  Different styles of jazz include Broadway, Street, Funky and more.  All styles will be instructed through upbeat combinations.  Class will incorporate technique such as leaps, turns, jumps and kicks.  Class will help with flexibility, individual strength and coordination. 


Acro- Acrobatics combines flexibility, coordination, strength and skill.  Class will teach students the fundamentals of gymnastics in a safe learning environment.  Levels are based on skill in order to challenge each individual.  


Lyrical/Contemporary- A combination of ballet, jazz and modern.   These styles challenge the dancer to express themselves through movement in order connect with the music to tell a story.  Dancers will be challenged to increase flexibility and technical ability while learning to emotional connect.


Hip-hop- Do you love the dancing in some of your favorite music videos, or popular TV shows?  Then come learn some attitude infused dance moves to the popular music trends.  Class will include a wide variety of hip-hop styles such as popping, locking, tutting, and breaking.  Students will have fun and increase stamina through warm ups, isolations and exciting choreography.  

Musical Theatre- Do you dream of being on Broadway! Musical Theater is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. Class is perfect to prepare those who may have a future performing in their school play/musical or want to audition for community theater!

Contortion- A class that stresses flexibility of the body. A form of acrobatic display which involves the dramatic bending and flexing of the human body.

Adult Classes- Ever wanted to dance, or want to continue! Join the fun! Adult classes are a great way to start/continue training in a fun environment.  Each class is open to dancers of all levels, work at your own pace! 

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